Two Schools Under One Roof

Although in April the Municipal Court in Mostar ruled that the existence of two schools under one roof is contrary to the prohibition of discrimination and although the Ministry set the deadline to 1 of September to comply with the judgment, the students will now go back to schools in which the teaching is carried out by a variety of plans and programs and will continue to physically segregate children on the basis of their ethnicity.

This is the first verdict related to the ethnic segregation of pupils in schools in the country. However, we still have to wait for the compliment of the verdict because the Ministry of Education of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton says he has no jurisdiction to enforce this judgment.

Coalition 143 emphasizes the importance of the implementation of this judgment and calls for authorities to resolve the problem of discrimination in the education system in BiH. Because of the many ethnic divisions in all segments of society, particularly in education, there is a serious problem and it is an obstacle for the development of a democratic society in the context of respect for basic human rights.