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10 years of SOC: Today, there is a small but important group of LGBTI persons that will engage in activism

How to build the LGBTI community and movement? With lots of patience, with creativity and desire to persist until the attainment of pursued objectives. By spreading the idea outside of the capital, insistence on persisting with the idea, and by fostering interpersonal relations and experience exchange. Below you will find a story about SOC’s work on building of the LGBTI community and movement in BiH

10 years of SOC: Violence, gender equality and administrative silence

Ten years of SOC’s existence included many friendships, partnerships, work and success, but also a lot of negative experiences that enabled us to learn and grow. All of this created the organisation and team that we are today, and encouraged us to fight for human rights of LGBTI people and women and for a more equal BiH