Sarajevo Open Centre
Podgaj 14, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
tel: + 387 (33) 551 000
fax: + 387 (33) 551 002
[email protected]

The Assembly of Sarajevo Open Centre is composed of:
Marinha Barreiro, Lejla Huremović, Rasim Ibrahimagić, Vladana Vasić, Aida Malkić

The Steering Committee of Sarajevo Open Centre is composed of:
Adnan Kadribašić, Midhat Izmirlija, Kristina Ljevak, Amila Ždralović, Dragana Dardić



Emina Bošnjak
Executive Director
[email protected]

Emina was the coordinator at Sarajevo open centre since December 2011. She is the regional editor of the online magazine B-Turn for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as an associate on the online magazine for the indie culture in BiH. In 2016, she became the executive director of the Sarajevo open centre.

Dajana Bakić
Operations Manager
[email protected]

Dajana graduated from the Department of Pedagogy-Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tuzla. She joined the Sarajevo Open Centre team at the beginning of 2021 and took over the function of programme coordinator of The Initiative for Monitoring the European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and coordination of the “BiH Civil Society for UPR” informal initiative of organizations monitoring the implementation of the Universal Periodic Review of BiH. Since December 2021, she works as Operations Manager.

Darko Pandurević
Advocacy and Programme Manager
[email protected]

Darko has been a volunteer at the SOC since September 2014, where he participates in the LGBTI Rights Programme, assisting in the organization of advocacy and educational activities on LGBTI rights for state institutions, the capacity building of the LGBTI movement, monitoring of respect and violation of human rights of LGBTI persons in BiH and research on various aspects of LGBTI people’s rights. Since September 2018 he coordinates LGBTI legal counseling and LGBTI migration. He graduated from the University of Sarajevo. Since July 2021, Darko works as Advocacy and Programme Manager.

Delila Hasanbegović Vukas
Programme Coordinator
[email protected]

Delila has been a member of Sarajevo Open Centre team since September 2015. She advocates for access of transgender, intersex and gender diverse persons to gender affirming healthcare and legal gender recognition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She coordinates regionalizing inclusive psychosocial support and mental health services for LGBTIQ+ persons in BiH. She is also involved in advocating for gender equality in the field of labor relations, the labor market, harmonizing private and professional life, as well as sexual and reproductive rights. She is the author of several published papers on human rights of women and LGBTI persons, gender equality, feminism, reproductive justice, political participation and representation. She graduated from the University of Sarajevo Law Faculty.

Amina Dizdar
Programme Coordinator
[email protected]

Amina graduated from Law at the University of Sarajevo in 2018. She joined the team as a volunteer in the March of the same year on the Human Rights of LGBTI people programme. Since September she has been taking the role of Project Assistant on the Initiative for the monitoring of European Union Integration of BiH. Since July 2019, she works as the Coordinator of the Women’s Rights programme.

Amina Imamović
Programme Coordinator
[email protected]

Amina graduated in Security and Peace studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. She is a member of the School of Feminism – Žarana Papić. She joined the team in September 2018 on the Human Rights of LGBTI people programme. In November 2019, she became Programme Coordinator of the same programme.

Amil Brković
Programme Coordinator
[email protected]

Amil Brković graduated from law at the Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar. He has won 9 awards for academic success, of which the Rector’s Award for the best student. He built his professional experience in the governmental and non-governmental sectors. He joined the Sarajevo Open Centre team in July 2021 as a Programme Coordinator. He is particularly interested in human rights and their protection mechanisms in the national and international legal system. In 2022 he started working on LGBTI legal counseling.

Matej Vrebac
Programme Coordinator
[email protected]

Matej completed his undergraduate and master studies in Italian Language and Literature and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He won the Silver and Gold Badge of UNSA, and during his studies he stayed at the universities in Venice and Bologna. He joined the SOC team in October 2021 as a young professional in LGBTI rights and women’s rights programmes. Since January 2023 Matej works as Programme Coordinator. He has been hired as a researcher in queer history in BiH research. 

Nejra Agić
Communications Coordinator
[email protected]

Nejra graduated from Journalism at the University of Tuzla and is currently on master’s studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. In early 2019 she joined the SOC team as volunteer on the Women’s Rights programme, and since July 2019 she workrd as a Programme Assistant for Communications and Public relations. From January 2020, she works as Communications Coordinator. Nejra is PR, content creator and editor of SOC’s online platforms and the editor of the portal.


Marina Jovović
Finance and Administration Manager
[email protected]

Since 2006 Marina has been engaged in administrative and accounting – financial works, through which she has acquired the necessary knowledge and experience. She has been following SOC’s work since the very beginning and has been part of many human rights training for women, LGBTI people and in 2015 she completed the School of Feminism – Žarana Papić. Since July 2016, she’s part of the SOC team.

Dina Vilić
Administration and Finance Coordinator
[email protected]

Dina completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Comparative Literature and Librarianship at the University of Sarajevo. From 2001 to 2007 she worked as a journalist at RTV BIH / BHT1 on morning programme. Since 2010 she works at SOC.

Andrea Djaković
Administrative-Operations Coordinator
[email protected]

Andrea is a master’s studies student of Management and Organization at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. Since high school, she has been involved in numerous non – governmental organizations. She joined the team in March 2018 in the administration and finance department. From January 2020, she works as Administrative-operations Coordinator.