Why do we need your support?

LGBTI persons are one of the most invisible, excluded underprivileged groups in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian society. Social distance toward this minority community is among the largest. Because of the fear of rejection, the vast majority of LGBTI persons does not live in accordance to their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or sexual characteristics. The ones who dare to live freely and in line with their own identity are exposed to rejection, stigmatization, prejudice, even hate crimes, hate speech and discrimination.

Women’s status in Bosnia and Herzegovina also is not satisfactory. The cause of this is extremely patriarchal and conservative society where the role of the woman is pre-determined. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a state that has the greatest number of inactive women on the labor market, therefore women who are probably dependent on someone else. Particularly vulnerable are the multiply marginalized women, like Roma women, women with disabilities, LBT women, women who live in rural areas etc., and who, at every turn, face discrimination, stereotypes, non-acceptance and judgement. One in three women is victim of one or more forms of gender-based violence.

Sarajevo Open Centre (SOC) advocates full respect for human rights and social inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and intersex people and women.

We respect and take into account intersectionality, struggle against multiple discrimination, especially discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual characteristics, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. We are transparent and take responsibility in our procedures and work, we are being led by professional standards, by the results that we want to achieve and by the desire to include many different stakeholders in our work. All about our activities is available on our website.

In the previous fifteen years we have actively and strongly raised visibility and worked on changing the legal status of LGBTI people and women in Bosnia and Herzegovina because their human rights are violated on a daily basis. With your support we can continue to achieve changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and together with all of you build a safe and happy environment.

Thank you for the generosity, support and solidarity!

How much to donate?

The amount you can afford.

How to donate?

If you’re in BiH, you can donate the money exclusively via bank:

Full Beneficiary Name: Sarajevski otvoreni centar
Full Beneficiary Address: Podgaj 14, 71 000 Sarajevo
Beneficiary Bank: Raiffeisen Bank dd
Address: Zmaja od Bosne bb, 71 000 Sarajevo
Transaction Account: 1610000065220483

For payments outside of BiH:

Beneficiary Bank: Raiffeisen Bank dd Bosna i Hercegovina
Swift Code: RZBABA2S
Address: Zmaja od Bosne bb, Sarajevo BiH
Details of Beneficiary
IBAN Code: BA391610000065220483
Full Beneficiary Name: Sarajevski otvoreni centar
Full Beneficiary Address: Podgaj 14

If you want to learn more about how you can support our work, please reach out to our Executive Director at [email protected].