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Gender Equality: Theory, Law, Policies. Introduction to gender studies for students of social sciences in BiH

The publication “Gender Equality: Theory, Law, Policies” represents the introduction to gender studies for students of social sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With its textbook character, it is the result of endeavors of BH academics and experts from the practice, who gathered with a common intention, to present, in a comprehensive and analytical way, gender theories, history of the feminist struggle and legal frameworks, laws, policies, institutions, strategies and tools for the realization of gender equality, with the focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fun Fact: Even Men Belong in Feminism

Sarajevo Open Centre is an independent feminist organization, with an emphasis on the feminist, and guess what – men also work for us. All jokes aside, for those who are not so well-informed (let’s hope they are a minority) feminism as an ideology, political and social movement is unfortunatelly often perceived as a movement that is strictly related to women, especially those identifying as feminists

Working-class Women, Then and Now

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in BiH and the Sarajevo Open Centre organized an interview on the topic of working-class women in BiH. Karolina Leaković, Suada Karić and Lejla Gačanica discussed on the topic, while Besima Borić was the moderator.

8th of March for the repeaters and for those who congradulate

Instead of empty greeting and unnecessary praising of the qualities possessed by more than 50% of society, mark the 8th of March by proposing laws, policies, acts and mechanisms to achieve real equality and respect for women’s human rights. If you do not know how to do so, contact the nearest civil society organizations.

Sarajevo Open Centre demands minimum 40% of women ministers in the Canton Sarajevo Government

Sarajevo Open Centre demands that the political parties that make the new assembly majority in the Canton Sarajevo (Democratic Front, People and Justice, Our party, Alliance for Better Future BiH, Social-Democratic Party BiH, Independent Block), while appointing the Canton Sarajevo Government, directly implement the provisions of the BiH Law on Gender Equality, because the government that does not have the relevant number of women ministers, cannot be legitimate or representative. 

Media about General Election 2018

The date of the General Elections 2018 is getting closer and, in this way, the opportunity for all of us to act and to influence on the equal representation of women and men.