Human Rights Papers

In 2013, Sarajevo Open Centre has established a new edition titled Human Rights Papers. This edition, which will feature papers only in English, will present short, focused and/or thematic reports to the international and national audience on the state of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the issue of the development of human rights in the international context.


PUBLICATION: Shadow Report for the 3rd Universal Periodic Review on the state of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019 Alternative Report on the Application of Bosnia and Herzegovina for European Union Membership: Political Criteria Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee of the European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina Internal Procedures for Protection Against Discrimination – Difference Between Theory and Practice The Appliance of the BiH Institutions’ Labor Law to Associations and Foundations Domestic Violence Expirienced by LGBTI persons: Analysis and Recommendations Report on the Fulfillment of the December Demands 2014-2018 Differences-induced peer bullying: experiences and recommendations Cost Assessment of Gender Reassignment: Recommendations for Improving the Legal and Medical Approach to Transgender Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina Monitoring of the Implementation of Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation CM/Rec (2010)5 on Measures to Combat Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Peer violence based on diversity: experiences and recommendations 2018 Alternative Analytical Report on the Application of Bosnia And Herzegovina for EU Membership: Political Criteria