Gender Reassignment and Legal Gender Recognition – Key Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina (POLICY BRIEF)

This policy document aims to identify key issues in the domain of legal gender recognition in the regulations and practices of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Issues that transgender persons face in legal gender recognition efforts – gender markers in birth records and identity documents are a violation of the right to self-determination, privacy and bodily integrity.

The policy brief briefly presents possible solutions to the key problems in the field of legal gender recognition, both through legal regulations that need to be amended/supplemented/adopted, and through practical solutions to requests for changing gender markers. The proposed solutions are based on the positive legislation and practice of countries where this issue has been adequately resolved, the practice of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as on previous analyzes and advocacy steps of the Sarajevo Open Centre.

Author: Delila Hasanbegović Vukas

Editor: Darko Pandurević

Download the publication in BCS here.