Proposals for Amendments to Labor Laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the improvement of gender equality and the protection of rights related to motherhood, fatherhood and parenthood

This policy document offers proposals for amendments to labor laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina ­ the Labor Law in B&H Institutions, FB&H Labor Law, RS Labor Law and District Brčko of B&H Labor Law. The policy paper follows the logic of presenting the currently valid provisions of the labor laws, then lists proposed amendments to each of the relevant provisions/chapters for the area of maternity, paternity, or parental leave, and elaborates the proposed legal solutions.

The basic concept of this policy document is to identify problems in the domain of recognition, enjoyment and realization of the parents’ right to maternity leave (as defined by positive labor law legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina), fathers in particular, based on the research previously conducted by Sarajevo Open Centre1 on legislative, administrative, economic and broader social barriers for fathers to fully exercise this right.

Author: Delila Hasanbegović
Editor: Darko Pandurević

You can download the publication in english language here.

You can download the publication in BCS language here.