Public Policy Proposals to Improve Regulation, Availability and Practices of Abortion Healthcare Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This publication focuses on the analysis of the state of legal regulation, availability and practices of abortion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to data from available research, and offers specific recommendations, i.e. public policy proposals that need to be adopted and implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that access to abortion as a healthcare service would be on an  qual basis throughout the entire country.

Public policy proposals are based on available research in the field of sexual and reproductive health in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a focus on abortion, especially on the previously published Sarajevo Open Centre’s research – „Research on Regulation, Availability and Practice of Abortion in Bosnia and Herzegovina“. The research represents the first in-­depth and comprehensive exploration of this right ­ healthcare service in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Based on the results ­ conclusions of abortion research, observed problems and shortcomings, and developed research recommendations, as well as other research that deals with access to sexual and reproductive health rights, this policy paper will present specific public policy measures to improve access to this right/healthcare service in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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