Bodies that Transcend the Binary 2: Research on human rights of intersex children in the healthcare system of Bosnia and Herzegovina

We present a report that analyzes the rights of intersex children in the healthcare system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the beginning, a brief overview of the previous research is given – the publication of the Sarajevo Open Centre entitled “Bodies that Transcend the Binary: Recommendations for improving legal and medical approach to intersex persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, and then presents relevant international standards dealing with the protection of intersex rights, children’s rights, but also international documents dealing with human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as patients’ rights.

The publication also deals with the legal regulation of health care in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its entities, the way of financing health care, with special emphasis on health care for children, and gives an overview of the level of health care, ie. the institutions in which it is provided. All of the above was presented in order for readers to get a picture of the real situation in the field of health and health care in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Finally, the results of the research, the situation on the ground when it comes to the rights of intersex children/persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina and recommendations to improve the exercise of their rights and improve the approach of medical workers to work with intersex children/persons, are presented.

Author: Vanja Burić
Editor: Delila Hasanbegović
Published by: Sarajevo Open Centre, 2020

You can find the publication in BCS language here.