Universal Periodic Review Recommendations Monitoring Instrument: Proposal by Civil Society Organisations

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 2006. It is a unique peer review mechanism that reviews the human rights situation of all states equally every four and a half years by other Member States during the sessions of the Government Working Group of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review considered the review of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 13 November 2019. A total of 207 recommendations relating to a number of human rights aspects were issued for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the process of drafting this document, the recommendations were categorised according to the aspects of human rights to which these recommendations refer. This categorisation made it possible to determine in which areas the greatest number of recommendations were made.

This document aims to allow priorities to be set in the implementation of the recommendations; establish the preconditions for the implementation of the recommendations by the competent institutions; promote UPR recommendations and advocate prioritisation of implementation of recommendations by civil society organisations and international organisations in BiH.

It is thus presumed that this document acts as a Universal Periodic Review Recommendations Monitoring Instrument for Civil Society Organisations in BiH. The use of this document does not hinder further efforts and advocacy of civil society organisations for government institutions to establish an effective mechanism for monitoring the progress of the UPR in line with the recommendations of the United Nations General Assembly.

Author: Adnan Kadribašić

Document in B/H/S language available here.

Document in ENG language available here.

This publication is a result of the work of civil society organisations within the informal coalition of BiH Civil Society Initiative for UPR. This publication is supported by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.