Even though women represent more than the half of BiH population, women rights are still threaten as a minority group issue. Women are facing discrimination and violence in their family surrounding; they are exposed to discriminatory treatments in labour relations and have only limited access to political life and decision-making processes. Intersectional discrimination is a visible problem.

Sarajevo Open Centre will focus on the following measures in order to improve the position of women in BiH society:

– we will organize and support political empowerment and political education activities, with the aim to increase the participation of women in BiH political system;

– we will contribute to the international advocacy (EU Progress Report, CEDAW Committee, UN Universal Periodic Review) processes;

– we will initiate common actions and contribute to existing one, that aim to advocate for women rights and to raise public awareness;

– we will educate on the importance of gender equality and protection of women’s rights.

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