unsa_logoSarajevo Open Centre, earlier this year, filed a request for examination of violations of the BiH Law on Gender Equality. The ground for filing this request is in the fact that the University of Sarajevo, on the diplomas it issues after the completion of the first, second and third cycle of studies, does not use gender-sensitive language, and the titles on the diplomas are written only in the male gender, which is in direct opposition to the provisions of the Gender Equality Law.

In that sense, the Agency for Gender Equality of BiH timely issued the recommendation by which it instructs the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH to adopt the Rules on the use of academic titles, and acquiring scientific and professional titles.

Sarajevo Open Centre, furthermore, sent a letter to the Ministry of Civil Affairs in which it requests the providing of information if the making of such rules is in the process, on which positive answer came.

The above-mentioned Ministry has also committed to timely inform Sarajevo Open Centre about the process of adoption of the regulations that have to be in accordance with the Law on Gender Equality. Sarajevo Open Centre will continue to follow this case, in terms of the real Rules compliance with the Law on Gender Equality, and in the following period SOC will conduct other advocacy activities related to gender equality in BiH.