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Final audit report of the DRL project

Final audit report of the project Utilizing European Integration Processes for the Advancement of LGBT Rights in the Western Balkans for the period of July 28, 2015 to December 31, 2017

Pink report 2017: On-Going Practice Of Human Rights Violations

In the following period we will publish articles from our Annual Report on the State of Human Rights of LGBTI People in Bosnia and Herzegovina Failure to Prosecute the Attack on 2014 Merlinka Festival and Attack on Art Kino Kriterion on 4 March 2016 On 1 February 2014, a group of 14 masked men burst … Continued

BH Council of Ministers will mark IDAHOT and Coming Out Day from 2017 on

Council of Ministers of BiH has adopted its Important dates in the field of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina marking programme. Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH was appointed to realise this Programme in the appropriate way and in cooperation with other relevant institutions. You can finf this Programme in BCS in … Continued

The Citizens’ Response to Hate Crime and Homophobic Violence

Art Kriterion Cinema in Sarajevo is a place that promotes independent art, but also a space where many LGBT art events take place. It has been a target of another attack spurred by homophobia, following the attack on the participants in the Merlinka Festival in February 2014. On Friday, 4 March 2016, there was a … Continued

Queer Film Festival „Merlinka“ slowly taking over Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Film Festival „Merlinka“ that was first organized in Belgrade back in 2009, began and continued as a film festival that promotes films with gay, lesbian and transgender topics, that make it difficult to reach the local audience. The Festival’s name Merlinka commemorates Vjeran Miladinovic Merlinka, trans * person who was brutally killed in 2003 … Continued