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Coalition for the fight against hate speech and hate crimes: Homophobia and transphobia have no limits – yesterday Zagreb, today Sarajevo

The Coalition for the fight against hate speech and hate crimes strongly condemns the homophobic attack on UDIK activists, and warns that the practice of not processing the attacks on LGBTI persons, activists that we witness since 2008 until this day is a shame for the BiH institutions, and should be stopped. We ask the police and judiciary of Canton Sarajevo to, in an adequate and timely manner, react, investigate and process this hate crime, threats and attacks on LGBTI activists that have already been reported during 2015 and 2016, and, before that, the attack on Merlinka Festival in 2014.

Hate Crime monitoring networks established in Serbia

Although in 2012 the Criminal Code of Serbia has regulated hate crime as aggravated circumstance, this legal institution is so far little used. Judicial institutions are poorly or not at all trained in the use of this particular criminal legislation in practice. Recognizing the gap between the adoption of the regulations and their implementation, Labris saw the need for a commitment to proper implementation of these laws.

Federation of BiH finally adopts hate crime regulation

Six years after Republika Srpska and Brčko District, Federation of BiH also regulated hate crimes through its Criminal Code. The amendments to the Criminal Code of FBiH including hate crime regulation were adopted in the FBiH’s Parliament in April of 2016, but were only published in the FBiH’s Official Gazette No 46/16 on 15th of … Continued

Video: prejudice and stereotypes as grounds of discrimination

Bosnia and Herzegovina prohibited discrimination in 2009 by passing the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination which applies to public authorities (public institutions, companies, administration etc.) and to private sector and individuals. Violating regulations contained in this Law is sanctioned by paying fines.