Module on hate crime in the permanent education of Zeničko-Dobojski and Tuzlanski Canton Ministry of Interior

During 2016 Sarajevo Open Centre has advocated with all the cantonal MoIs in Federation BiH to include the module on hate crimes in their permanent (compulsory) education. That means that all the police officers of one MoI should go through the hate crime training. This year we checked if all the planned training sessions have really been implemented. The Zeničko-Dobojski Canton MoI officially informed us that in the period from 27 September – 14 November 2017 all the police officers will go through the education on hate crime. The same news we got from Tuzla Canton MoI – that the education is going to be implemented from September 2017, and that it will continue in 2018 as well. We are happy that the MoIs have recognized the importance of the education of police officers on hate crime.

Sarajevo Open Centre will contact the other MoIs to see whether they have begun the education process, and if they have not, will continue to advocate for the inclusion of this kind of training in their permanent education.