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Hate Speech: Overture to Hate Crime

Hate speech expressed in comments is not uncommon in BiH’s online media, but editorial staff often does not find an adequate way to cope with this problem.

Coalition For the Fight Against Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Condemns the unworthy treatment of Refugees and Migrants

Coalition For the Fight Against Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Condemns the unworthy treatement of Refugees and Migrants in Bihać, requires the investigation and sanctioning of the use of force against migrants and refugees, as well as the immediate freedom of movement within the territory of BiH for refugees and migrants, guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Training on reporting hate crimes for LGBTI people, Roma people and returnees

Sarajevo Open Centre is implementing a project “Protecting Affected Communities: Improving the implementation of hate crime regulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina “. The project is financially supported by Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the OSCE in Vienna, and it included three one-day trainings in period from January to March 2019. named … Continued

Press Release From The Coalition For The Combating Hate Speech And Hate Crime: 2014 Attack on the Merlinka Festival in Sarajevo, 2019 Threats Towards Merlinka Festival in Tuzla

Posters, which call upon citizens of Tuzla to protest “against opening and holding of a disgusting and immoral Queer Fest” in front of the Atelier Ismet Mujezinović, were posted on several city locations, right before the opening of the 5th Queer Festival Merlinka in Tuzla. Today, on the day of the opening of Merlinka, on the wall of the art studio, an unknown person wrote a homophobic graffiti “Faggots, get a treatment!”

There are laws, but legal protection in practice is missing

The number of incidents potentially motivated by prejudice, that are reported to the police in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is at least 175. the reported incidents most often include attacks and threats, damage to property, religious objects and cemeteries. Incidents towards Roma people and sexual minorities are not as much reported as the previously mentioned ones.

Criminal offenses based on hate crime

We are proud to announce that a module on criminal offenses based on hate crime at the Police Academy (FBiH). The training will last for two months and all cadets for the rank of policeman and for the rank of the younger inspector will pass it

Media and civil society must engage in the struggle against nationalism

The Coalition for the fight against hate speech and hate crimes harshly condemns the transmission of texts of hooliganism like that of Tomislav Zelenika, which provokes Croat hatred towards the Bosniaks and spreads ideas about the superiority of one nation over another, stating: “Bosniaks are genetically predetermined for treason, what to expect from people whose ancestors betrayed their faith”, giving honor medals to war criminals during the celebration of the Republika Srpska Day, the exploitation of flags and symbols for political purposes and the undermining of the security and coexistence of citizens of BiH.