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Discussion on transgender issue needs to be part of public discourse – Presentation of the first comprehensive transgender study in BiH

On Monday, 07th of December, within Sarajevo Open Centre’s program on the occasion of 16 Days of Activism and the Human Rights Day, public promotion of the publication “Life beyond given norms: Being transgender in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ was held at Mediacentar Sarajevo. The panelists were authors of the publication – Slobodanka Dekić, Jasmina Čaušević, … Continued

Video: Invisible Women

20th of November is an annual observance day to remember all the transgender and transexual people who have been murdered as a result of transphobia – Trans* Day of Rememberance. Sarajevo Open Centre is kicking off online campaign with the promotion of this short video clip dedicated to violence against trans* women, also within 16 … Continued

Today, we stand with trans* people

International Trans* Day of visibility, March 31 is the day when we celebrate transgender (trans*) people and their courage to live their authentic lives, out of the binary gender norms. On this day we celebrate those who were strong enough and brave to be who they are, despite all the hardships that comes with coming out as a trans* person.