SOC training for urologists and gynecologists: adequate support for trans persons in the process of transition

Sarajevo Open Centre is organizing a training session on November 30th for urologists and gynecologists on the topic “Medical aspects of gender reassignment: providing adequate, trans-specific and inclusive services and support for trans persons in the process of transition.”

With this training session, we wish to open discussion and find support for further efforts toward enabling adequate services for medical gender reassignment in BiH. We hope to take a step toward raising awareness of trans identities, problems and needs, including the rights of trans persons within BH’s health system and from the perspective of different branches of medicine included in the transition process, as well as ways to remove stigma, improve quality of life and increase access to medical protections.

The education session will be led by Dr Marta Bižić, urology and reconstructive surgery specialist (University Children’s Clinic in Belgrade, Serbia), and Jovan Džoli Ulićević, trans man and human rights activist for transgender, intersex, and gender-nonconforming persons (Trans Network Balkan, Spectrum Association, Montenegro).

Marta’s primary fields of interest are urogenital reconstructive surgery, particularly curing natal anomalies of female and male genitalia, as well as gender confirmation surgery. Together with Professor Miroslav Đorđević, she works at the Belgrade Centre for Gender Reconstructive Surgery, where she is involved in the healing, post-operative care and support of paediatric, adult and transgender patients who seek urologic care, as well as perfecting surgical procedures and treatment of patients with gender dysphoria.

Jovan is one of the authors of Medical Aspects of Gender Reassignment: Manual for medical professionals and healthcare workers on providing services and support to trans persons in the transition process, which was published in September of 2018 by Sarajevo Open Centre.

In the past, we have held educational seminars for psychologist and psychiatrists within the local health system, as well as students of medicine and psychology, and after this, we are planning educational sessions for specialists in endocrinology, as well as plastic, reconstructive surgery.