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Deutsche Welle: Will Sarajevo get its Gay Pride?

In the conservative BH society many phenomena are considered deviant, no matter the fact those attitudes often lead to human rights violations. That is the case with the LGBTI community as well, the people about whom we do not want to know and learn, people of “the closet”.

Video: Pride Parade

Pride, often called gay pride or gay parade, is a public assembling of LGBT people, activists, human rights defenders, as well as of all the others who want to support the struggle of LGBT people for equality in all the society spheres, and the respect of basic human rights.

Visit to Stockholm Pride: What is the price of freedom?

The next day we were going back home. As we removed the nail polish in rainbow colors, changed our clothes to look more appropriate to Balkans, packed our flags and colorful feather scarves, packing rainbow badges I couldn’t help but wonder – what is the price of freedom?

LGBT Pride is a Miniumum of Human Resistance

Pride of LGBT people is a counteraction to different forms of oppression, segregation and shame within the families. It is not an egoistic or act of recklessness.