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Training for members of political parties from BiH about rights of LGBT persons

Sarajevo Open Centre is organizing a training for members of political parties. During the training, regional and local experts will present current state of human rights of LGBT persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on good regional practices and politics which are improving the position of this marginalized group. The training will be held on 23rd … Continued

The Lecture We Shouldn’t Miss – On Homosexuality in Yugoslavia

On our second gathering in SOC this year, with the LGBT community, this time we hosted Franko Dota, historian, doctoral student of modern and contemporary history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Franko is not just a historian, but also a long term LGBT activist and one of the co-founders of Zagreb Pride. On … Continued

LGBT Pride is a Miniumum of Human Resistance

Pride of LGBT people is a counteraction to different forms of oppression, segregation and shame within the families. It is not an egoistic or act of recklessness.

18+ Book About Non-Conformist Men

We are happy to announce a new book and to invite you to its promotion on Friday, 13.12.2013 at 22:00. You can RSVP and get the event’s location by emailing [email protected]. Sarajevo Open Centre, in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Planet Romeo Foundation, announced a book of personal … Continued