18+ Book About Non-Conformist Men

Naslovnica 1 Coming out price za webWe are happy to announce a new book and to invite you to its promotion on Friday, 13.12.2013 at 22:00. You can RSVP and get the event’s location by emailing [email protected].

Sarajevo Open Centre, in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Planet Romeo Foundation, announced a book of personal coming out stories of gay, bisexual, and trans* men and couples. It also includes photographs, graphics, and other forms of visual art that in their own way tell stories about identity, diversity, acceptance and nonacceptance, and stories about inner worlds, fantasties, desires, fears, shames, passion, freedom, precautions, courage, and finally, coming out.

We don’t want gay, bi, and trans* men in BiH to be visible only in the context of discrimination, and for this reason we are providing space for non-conformist men to tell their stories in the form that they wish. This book, in its ideas and forms, is connected to the book More Than Etiquette – About Women who Love Women and contributes to the body of authentic literature in BiH that deals with the everday lives of non-heterosexual men.

The book consists of four parts. In the first part, gay, bisexual, and trans* men speak about their sexuality, relationships, and a lot of other aspects of the daily life of non-conformist men. Then we present a complete, original interview with Mirnes Kubat Vanilla. See for yourself why this story is unique. In the third part we bring coming out stories, while in the fourth part there is a space-time analytical-theoretical view on sexuality, identity, and the process of coming out. The artists’ work in Non-Conformist Men — photography, paintings, and graphics tell their own story in a visual way.

We hope you enjoy yourself at the reading!