Lecture and discussion: Masculinity, Femininity and Sevdah

SEVDAH_02Masculinity, Femininity and Sevdah
Lecturer: Damir Imamović

Museum of Literature and Theatre Arts of BiH
Sime Milutinovića 7, Sarajevo
22 July 2015, 6 pm

Sarajevo Open Centre, in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Foundation, continues with lectures within the third cycle of lectures and feminist discussions Someone said feminism? The fifth lecture, titled Masculinity, Femininity and Sevdah will be held on Wednesday, July 22 this year at the Museum of Literature and Theatre Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting from 6 pm. The lecturer will be Damir Imamović, who interprets Sevdalinka – Bosnian traditional song, in a way that opens up new horizons, while remaining true to tradition.

This is the first lecture of Damir Imamović on poetic heritage of Sevdah, that brings an unexpected story about the characters in and around Sevdalinka!

English translation of the lecture will not be provided.