Guide for the Institutionalization of Inclusive and Affirming Health Care for Transgender and Gender Variant Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The aim of the guide is from the aspect of human rights and medical knowledge to offer clearly defined steps to the health department in Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve the access of trans and gender variant persons to trans-specific, inclusive and affirmative health care in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is intended for relevant actors in the field of healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina, institutions and healthcare facilities.

The guide contains basic terms related to trans identities, identifies the problems faced by trans persons in BiH in the field of health care, and lists the specific and general needs of trans persons related to health care. Furthermore, the guide suggests concrete measures that need to be taken for the institutionalization of affirmative health care in BiH, starting from the applicable legal and institutional framework, through competent institutions/facilities, to guidelines for inclusive care of trans persons in the provision of health services.

Author: Delila Hasanbegović Vukas

Editor: Darko Pandurević

Download the publication in BCS language here.