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Training for members of political parties from BiH about rights of LGBT persons

Sarajevo Open Centre is organizing a training for members of political parties. During the training, regional and local experts will present current state of human rights of LGBT persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on good regional practices and politics which are improving the position of this marginalized group. The training will be held on 23rd … Continued

Video: Invisible Women

20th of November is an annual observance day to remember all the transgender and transexual people who have been murdered as a result of transphobia – Trans* Day of Rememberance. Sarajevo Open Centre is kicking off online campaign with the promotion of this short video clip dedicated to violence against trans* women, also within 16 … Continued

Video: Coming out

Coming out, commonly used in the expression coming out of the closet, is a figure of speech, was also adopted and is now in common usage by LGBT communites and their allies in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language.

LGBT Pride is a Miniumum of Human Resistance

Pride of LGBT people is a counteraction to different forms of oppression, segregation and shame within the families. It is not an egoistic or act of recklessness.