Cooperation agreement: SOC and Cantonal Center for Social Work

Sarajevo Open Center, an independent feminist civil society organization advocating for women’s human rights and rights pf lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and inter-sex (LGBTI) people signed a contract on cooperation with the Cantonal Social Work Center for the prevention of peer-based violence.

Cantonal Center for Social Work with its employees, consisting of an interdisciplinary professional team, comprised of professionals in the field of social work, pedagogy, psychology, psychotherapy, law, has a basic mission to contribute to community building by providing social services, family and legal protection services to its citizens, with all its capabilities and capacities.

The overall objective of the agreement is based on cooperation in the field of protection of LGBTI children and young people, based on the statutory responsibilities of both centers. The cooperation will be realized by informing children and young users of social and paternity protection about the services provided by these two centers, organizing bilateral activities such as conferences, round tables, seminars and conducting joint activities aimed at preventing peer-based violence.

Today’s signing was attended by the Executive Director of Sarajevo Open Center, Emina Bošnjak and V.D. director of the Cantonal Center for Social Work, Enes Šabić.