LGBTI community events: 2nd Queer Quiz and movie night were held

Even though February was quite snowy and cold, we didn’t let it stop us in leaving our homes and hanging out. In the second half of February we have organized two more activities for the LGBTI community and our friends.

We have watched the Academy Awards nominated movie Call me by your name. A love drama by the Italian director Luca Guadagnino, is by public reception doubtlessly the most important movie with a gay theme from last year. However, it seems that the audience is experiencing it differently. After the movie we hung out, as always, and we shared our impressions about the movie. Some have seen a story about first love through the movie, others saw a summer adventure, and some saw a coming of age story.

A few days after the movie night, we have organized the 2nd Queer Quiz. This time five teams strongly competed for the first three places and our colourful prizes. Our goal is to host this quiz continuously every three weeks, in order to have fun through competitive spirit, but also learn something new about activism globally and regionally, about our rights, queer pop culture, literature and art, symbols etc.

The atmosphere during this night was really wonderful. We congratulate the winners who have received our colourful prizes, and we invite you to join us on the next quiz which will be held 21st March, and we have prepared great prizes for the winners yet again. Since we have nowhere to buy LGBTI souvenirs (flags, mugs, symbols etc) in Sarajevo but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina generally, we will try to make our prizes just like that – queer. For more information about the location and time of the event you can contact Lejla Huremović at [email protected].

If you have never heard of our activities before, you should contact Lejla and find out more about them.

See you at one of our next events.