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Five New Contact Persons Have Been Appointed in Five Cantonal Prosecutor’s Offices to Receive Reports of Violence Against LGBTI People

LGBTIQ people who have experienced violence because of their gender identity and/or sexual orientation can now directly establish contact with prosecutors – contact persons in all cantonal prosecutor’s offices. This significant victory for the Sarajevo Open Centre is the result of years of direct collaboration with prosecutors. Five new contact prosecutors were appointed following a … Continued

Mediacentar: Will Facebook Groups End All Violent Behaviour?

Lejla Huremović, an activist who monitors and analyzes media coverage of LGBTI issues, and has a broad insight into the presentation of this community in public and social networks, to our question on whether she believes that Facebook groups that address the issue of violence can raise awareness so that individuals would do some concrete actions against violence, notes that through today’s education, young people unfortunately do not get the opportunity to learn to think critically.

The life of LGBT people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not simple

Ignorance gives birth to discrimination, that is the conclusion of the research that was conducted by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in June and July this year, and it relates to the LGBTI issues in six countries of the Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro).

6yka.com, December 4, 2013 – Banja Luka: Regional Conference on Combat Against Violence and Discrimination o LGBT persons

„Aždaja mržnje višeglava i da ona nije usmjerena ne samo na LGBT osobe, nego i pripadnike drugih naroda, rodnih skupina, a niko ne želi da ima aždaju mržnje u svojoj kući“, kazala Zorica Mršević, naučna savjetnica u Institutu društvenih nauka Srbije. U organizaciji Sarajevskog otvorenog centra i Fondacije CURE u Banjaluci je u okviru projekta … Continued