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Our personal is political too: About fear, activism and visibility

On the second day of Merlinka Festival, held on 28th of January in Art Cinema Kriterion, panel discussion named Our personal is political too was held. Naida Kučukalić was moderating the discussion and participants were Nera Mešinović (activist from B&H), Nina Đurđević (photographer from Croatia) and Marino Sorel i Entity from Croatian queer art group House of Flamingo. Aim of discussion was to answer the questions of coming out in conservative and homophobic society, and in what way individual activism changes the status quo that many LGBT people are forced to accept.

More than a Label. On Women Who Love Women

6. Jasmina Čaušević, Aida Spahić, Merima Omeragić (2013) Više od etikete. O ženama koje vole žene. Sarajevo: Sarajevski otvoreni centar. PDF version: Više od etikete. O ženama koje vole žene.