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Today is Intersex Awareness Day

On this day, 26th of October in 1996 in front of the place where annual conference of Academy of Pediatrics in America was held, the first public protest of intersex persons took place in North America. The protest was not planned, because activists primarily came to participate on the conference, but as they were confronted … Continued

Human rights and intersex people

Translation on B/C/S language: Ljudska prava i interspolne osobe. Tematska publikacija koju objavljuje Komesar za ljudska prava Vijeća Evrope English version: Human rights and intersex people. Council of Europe, first edition April 2015, second edition September 2015, www.coe.int Sarajevo. Sarajevski otvoreni centar.

Training for members of political parties from BiH about rights of LGBT persons

Sarajevo Open Centre is organizing a training for members of political parties. During the training, regional and local experts will present current state of human rights of LGBT persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on good regional practices and politics which are improving the position of this marginalized group. The training will be held on 23rd … Continued

Intersex awareness visibility day

Today on 26th of October, we mark Intersex Visibility Day that aims to raise awareness about intersex people, talking about the obstacles and difficulties that intersex people encounter.

Documentary “Intersexion” in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banja Luka

Intersexion Directed by Grant Lahood, documentary film, New Zealand, 2012, 68 min. We invite you to the screening of a documentary about intersexion from 2012. Grant LaHood is well-known activist for the rights of intersex people and in his film shows, through interviews with more than 10 people who were born as a intersex, the complexity … Continued