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Public call for enrollment of the sixth generation of students in the Žarana Papić School of Feminism in 2020

This year as well, the Žarana Papić School of Feminism offers the academic-activist educational programme, with the aim to provide the students with the feminist education about the practices, theories and concepts needed for the professional and critical public work and activism in the national, international governmental and non-governmental organisations. The School consists of three obligatory theoretical-practical modules that the students will be attending from April to June.

Overview of the Lecture of the School of Feminism, May 25, 2019

On Saturday, 25 May, within Module 2 – State, Law and Public Policy –  Boris Krešić, a professor at the Faculty of Law in Tuzla, talked about marriages, extramarital communities and same-sex partnership, their legal and economic benefits, as well as their shortcomings. 

Overview of the lecture of the School of Feminism, May 18, 2019

On Saturday, 18 May, the new series of lectures at this year’s Žarana Papić School of Feminism, with the fifth generation of students, took place. In the scope of the Module 2 – State, law, equality: de iure and de facto, Adnan Kadribašić, lawyer, talked about discrimination on grounds of sex, gender, sexual orientation and other circumstances.

Overview of the lecture of the School of Feminism, 11 May 2019

On Saturday, 11 May, the lectures of Module 1 at the Žarana Papić School of Feminism took place, and were led by Alen Kristić, Ma in theology and philosophy, translator and writer, and Nebojša Jovanović, who holds a PhD in gender studies

Fun Fact: Even Men Belong in Feminism

Sarajevo Open Centre is an independent feminist organization, with an emphasis on the feminist, and guess what – men also work for us. All jokes aside, for those who are not so well-informed (let’s hope they are a minority) feminism as an ideology, political and social movement is unfortunatelly often perceived as a movement that is strictly related to women, especially those identifying as feminists

Overview of the lectures at the School of Feminism: 14 May 2016

On Saturday, 14 May the lectures of the Module 1 (Introduction to feminisms: history, terms, theory) at this year’s Žarana Papić School of Feminism took place. Selma Kešetović, MA in gender studies and a writer, talked about the diversity and disputes within the feminist theory and practice.