Series of lectures Somebody Said Feminism?: Women on the Verge of Civil (Society) – 19th Century Context

zene na granici gradjanskog_25102013On Friday, November 1, 2013, third lecture in the Somebody Said Feminism? series of lectures organized by Sarajevo Open Centre will take place in Art Cinema Kriterion. This series of lectures is focused on feminist themes, women’s rights and gender issues, and the topic of the thirs lecture is Women on the Verge of Civil (Society) – 19th Century Context, held by Adriana Zaharijević from Belgrade. Lecture starts at 6 pm, the entrance is free and open for the general public.

Feminism, a movement which fights/fought for the freedom of women and one of the rare social movements that still exists today has sprung out of the battle with the norm(s), but has in different ways converged with the norm(s). This is the reason why the history of feminism needs to be understood as the history of disputes. In the 19th century, the first feminists fought for the better position within the civil law and in their demands, the right to vote was underrepresented. Thier allies, established political parties and organisations supported women as long as it was in their interest. When these allies, parties and organisations would reach their goals, the women were left on their own. Hence, the women’s movement focused on the right to vote. This lecture will follow the timelime of women’s movement in the 19th century, with emphasis on USA and Great Britain, presenting the roots of women’s movement, its directions and demands, as well as the result of thier fight and their impact on the position of women in 19th and 20th century.

See you in Kriterion on Friday, 6 pm!