Research on Regulation, Availability and Practice of Abortion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As Sarajevo Open Centre, working on women’s rights and gender equality, strives to create a robust basis for an evidence-based approach and full availability and accessibility of abortion services in all parts of BiH, with this research we continue the annual monitoring of the state of women’s rights, including sexual and reproductive health. The research was conducted among competent health institutions in BiH, public and private healthcare facilities (clinical centres/clinics, hospitals, medical offices), i.e., among health and medical experts who develop and implement relevant policies and regulations, and who perform abortions – termination of pregnancy, to obtain a clear overview of the existing regulation and medical practices.

The goal of the research is to establish an informed cooperation with leading health institutions and facilities – clinical centres, hospitals and their specialists, to share information and raise awareness and sensitivity to the problems of limited availability of abortion health services, as well as to contribute to the understanding of abortion as a woman’s human right and basic health care. Furthermore, the research can and should serve those who make decisions, laws and policies pertaining to access to health care and sexual and reproductive rights. the ultimate goal is to influence a broader understanding of abortion as a human right of women and basic health care for it to be made available to all persons who need it.

Author: Delila Hasanbegović Vukas
Editors: Darko Pandurević and Emina Bošnjak
Field Researchers: Ajla Kurtović, Azra Berbić, Berina Pekmezović, Marija Ivanović, Nikola Kandić, Vera Zih

Publication in English language is available here.

Publication in BCS language is available here.