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Public Policy Proposals to Improve Regulation, Availability and Practices of Abortion Healthcare Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This publication focuses on the analysis of the state of legal regulation, availability and practices of abortion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to data from available research, and offers specific recommendations, i.e. public policy proposals that need to be adopted and implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that access to abortion as a healthcare service … Continued

How Accessible is Abortion in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Author: Delila Hasanbegović Vukas, Programme Coordinator at Sarajevo Open Centre, for SAAF website Abortion is available on request up to 10 weeks of pregnancy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). After 10 weeks it is available with the approval of a committee. However, we recently carried out research which shows that access to abortion services in the country is … Continued

Research on Regulation, Availability and Practice of Abortion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As Sarajevo Open Centre, working on women’s rights and gender equality, strives to create a robust basis for an evidence-based approach and full availability and accessibility of abortion services in all parts of BiH, with this research we continue the annual monitoring of the state of women’s rights, including sexual and reproductive health. The research … Continued