Meet the ensemble of SEVEN: Alma Kratina carries over the story of Mukhtar Mai

fotografija preuzeta sa potrala klix.baAlma Kratina was born in 1966. She graduated from the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo. She specialised in veterinary practice. She founded and chaired the Association “Dalija” in Zenica, founded with the aim of improving the status of women with a low material status, through the projects of empowerment and education.

Alma Kratina: “Everyone has their part of civil and human responsibility in the struggle against the gender based violence.“


Why have you accepted to be a part of the play SEVEN?

I am aware of the responsibility and the obligation that I have for all the people that gave me their vote and their trust. Above all, I am responsible for advocating for the respect of human rights. In that sense, I mean respecting and improving women’s human rights. Participating in the scene reading in the scope of the project SEVEN I consider an important part in the mosaic of work and path I am following. We should not ever forget all the strong women who invested, through history, a lot of knowledge and efforts in the direction of gender equality. All the strong women that this play talks about are the personification of that struggle and path that leads to justice and nonviolence.

More of this interview is available in the B/C/S version of the article which you can find here.

Interview done by: Maida Zagorac, Sarajevo Open Centre


The reading of the play SEVEN will take place on 26 November in the Chamber Theatre 55 Sarajevo at 3 P.M.

The realisation of this event is being supported by the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Swedish Government via the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and Hedda Produktion AB.