LGBTI community events: Summer is not over!

Do you remember parties held in the garden of the TV soap opera called L word stars, Beth and Tina?

If you have never watched this soap opera, but you happened to be in the garden of Sarajevo open centre last night on the community gathering, then you could say that you have been invited on that kind of party. Around 60 guests, jukebox style playlist, and tasty vegetarian, vegan, and meat finger food. Atmosphere framed with latino sounds, rainbow flags and laughter that spreaded from table to table.

On Wednesday 06.09.2017. we had the opportunity to attend this kind of event. We danced and had a blast, and we gathered again after vacations. We are going further strong!

Sarajevo open centre garden became for the moment the space of love, innocent flirtation, space of dance, music and positive energy.

We hope that soon we will have more often the opportunity to enjoy in this sense in our safe spaces around the country, fight for that is continuing.

If you have any questions or ideas about Sarajevo open centre’s work with LGBTI community please consider writing to: [email protected].