LGBTI community events: Drumming workshop

On the 17.3., in the period from 6 to 9 pm, if you were by any chance passing past the office space of Sarajevo Open Center, you heard drumming and didn’t know where it comes from; Yes, it came out of our hall. In fact, during this period, drumming workshop was held, as a part of the cycle of SOC hangouts with the LGBTI community, titled Na(do)gradi se { Upgrade and reward yourself }.

Dagadagadagadagadum! Like magic words, screamed various types of drums, and created an atmosphere of fellowship with each affected rhythm. With us were members of the anti-fascist collective from Zagreb, Drum’n’bijes that are drumm orchestra and participate in all protests that are considered important and close to themselves. Their collective consists of 14 members, and autonomy has organically evolved from Zagreb Pride.

Workshops will be set up, in cooperation with our friend and professional drummer with thirty years experience of playing Almir Chopra.

Ramdagadam-digadagadam or in translation: Our goal is that next time we rumble on protests. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in this ludic workshops or general program for the LGBT community write to [email protected].