Call for contributions to the 2015 Pink Report

Pink Report SlikaSarajevo Open Centre has been publishing annual Pink Report, the report on the state of human rights of LGBT people for the last four years. This report provides detailed overview of human rights of LGBT people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in each year, and also gives recommendations and guidelines for implementation and improvement of legislation that would enable better protection of these rights.

Pink Report is the only report in B&H exclusively representing human rights of LGBT people, and our desire is to make it as realistic and representative of LGBT people’s status in B&H, as possible. In order to achieve our goal and to include our partners supporters and critics into the process of drafting this report, we invite all interested parties to contribute to the making of the Pink Report for 2015.

You can contribute to Pink Report for 2015 by providing constructive comments regarding the structure or different parts of the report, providing information on significant political or social changes that affect LGBT people in B&H and have occurred during 2015, and by providing information on violations of human rights of LGBT people in 2015 whether they have happened to you or to someone else. These violations of human rights include:

  • violence (harassment, intimidation, threats and assaults of any kind, damage to property, etc)
  • discrimination (work place discrimination, discrimination in access to health and social care, in catering services such as bars, restaurants, hotels, markets, etc.)
  • attacks on the places where LGBT people gather
  • prohibitions of LGBT people’s public gatherings and events
  • hate speech both public and online
  • all other cases of human rights violations of LGBT people.

We would also like to invite all organisations, governmental and public institutions to inform us of all their activities concerning LGBT people that can be included in this report.

You can send us all your comments and information until 30th of November of 2015, via e-mail address: [email protected] or fax number: +38733551002. If you have any more questions or need additional information you can contact us via above mentioned e-mail address or a phone number: +38733551000.

We would like to thank you in advance for your contributions to the Pink Report and we hope you will be able to help us improve its structure and content.

You can use Pink Report for 2014 as a basis for your comments and contributions. You can find this report in the following link.

We look forward to your e-mails!

Sarajevo Open Centre’s team