What can we expect from the second module of the Equality Academy?

Akademija ravnopravnosti_narandzastiThrough Equality Academy programme, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Sarajevo Open Centre are trying to make a new platform for political leadership and space for joint actions of representatives, leaders of political parties and civil society organizations.

First module of Equality Academy is already behind us. This module was held from 22-24th of May in Sarajevo. You can find more information on the first module in the following link.

Second module of the Equality Academy will be held from 19-21st of June on Jahorina mountain. This module named Feminism for everyone consists out of lectures, workshops and discussions. Module will be moderated by Duška Jurišić.

On second module of the Equality Academy we will discuss:

– Feminism and history of women’s rights in BiH
– Women in post Dayton BiH
– Patriarchal models: woman, mother, queen
– How to find a coherent family policy: the strategy of right wing and left wing
– How to transfer feminist principles into concrete public policies?
– Public policies: Gender Action Plan of BiH and 1325 in BiH
– What kind of change do we want: maternity/parental leave
– What kind of change do we want: Istanbul convention
– What kind of change do we want: violence against women

Lecturers in this module are experts in gender equality and human rights issues. They are: Danijela Majstorović – professor at the University of Banja Luka; Sonja Lokar – an expert for gender equality from Slovenia; Karolina Leaković – representative (SDP) in Croatian Parliament; Samra Filipović-Hadžiabdić – director of the Agency for Gender Equality of BiH; Jasminka Džumhur – The Institution of Human Rights Ombudsman of BiH; Natalija Petrić from Ministry of Family, youth and sport of Republic of Srpska.

Equality Academy programme aims to build the capacities of political leaders in gender equality field and in creating and implementing equality policies of underprivileged groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to advance human rights of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to strengthen the cooperation between decision makers and representatives of civil society organizations in BiH.

Participants of Equality Academy are representatives of Parliaments on cantonal, entity and state level, members of parliament parties’ bodies, advisors of political leaders and Ministers on cantonal, entity and state level, who are interested in strengthening their capacities in the fields of identification and implementation of concrete solutions in order to improve gender equality and position of underprivileged groups in our society.

You can find the preliminary version of the second module programme of Equality Academy on the following link.