Two Researches on the LGBTI Community “Numbers of Equality 3” and “Acceptance from a Distance” were Promoted in Sarajevo

On December 7th, a presentation was held in Sarajevo for two significant researches that were conducted this year: “Numbers of Equality 3: Research on Problems and Needs of LGBTI Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2023 – Analysis of Findings” and “Acceptance from a Distance – Attitudes Towards Homosexual, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex people in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The results of the researches were presented by our executive director Emina Bošnjak: “LGBTI individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina face challenges such as limited access to healthcare, lack of social support, and legal gaps that hinder their protection, especially for transgender individuals and same-sex couples. This requires broader education and acceptance in society. However, the results of the public opinion research in BiH provide optimism, showing a positive trend in understanding LGBTI issues. 45.6% of respondents personally know someone from the community and there is a significant reduction in the percentage of those who would use or find acceptable different forms of violence and discrimination against LGBTI individuals. The emphasis in the coming period should be precisely on these issues and building the trust of LGBTI+ individuals towards institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Saša Leskovac from the Agency for Gender Equality  spoke about the institutional response to the results and recommendations of the research.