Numbers of Equality 3: Research on Problems and Needs of LGBTI Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2023 – Analysis of Findings

Despite the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina has made visible progress in protecting and supporting LGBTI human rights during the past twenty years of activism, resulting in the continuity of pride marches, queer culture and art festivals, and the adoption of the Action Plan to Improve the State of Human Rights of LGBTI People, there are challenges that remain. Recent attacks on LGBTI activists in Banja Luka reveal institutional homophobia and inertness in the application of the existing legal framework, while the slowmoving process of legal recognition of same-sex partnership in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls into question the political will to ensure respect for human rights of LGBTI people beyond prohibition of violence and discrimination.

This research provides insights into the existing attitudes and perceptions of LGBTI people in relation to challenges, problems and specific needs, and builds on the previous research efforts – Numbers of Equality: Research on Needs of LGBTI Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013 – Analysis of Findings and Numbers of Equality 2: Research on Problems and Needs of LGBTI Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017 – Analysis of Findings, to better understand the life of LGBTI people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The research recognised both the progress in the respect of LGBTI rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the deep-rooted problems that LGBTI people face in our society, including lack of access to health care, lack of social support and economic opportunities, and deficiencies in legislation that fails to provide adequate protection. Although the research findings point to the need for broader education of society about LGBTI issues to reduce stigma and increase acceptance, they also point to certain positive developments.

Editors: Emina Bošnjak and Darko Pandurević

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