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By: Saša Gavrić, Sarajevo Open Centre The year 2015 has brought us lot of changes. At the political level, what no one expected has happened: The Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU entered into force and the European Union has offered a continuation of the integration process although BiH did not provide necessary accomplishments. … Continued

For the first time one of the governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina has included the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in their action plans

In December 2015, Government of Republic of Srpska has adopted the Annual Action Plan for the implementation of Gender Action Plan (GAP), which among other things, includes specific measures for promotion and protection of rights of LGBT people. This is the first time that a government in Bosnia and Herzegovina has included in their action … Continued

The life of LGBT people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not simple

Ignorance gives birth to discrimination, that is the conclusion of the research that was conducted by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in June and July this year, and it relates to the LGBTI issues in six countries of the Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro).

ILGA-Europe presented Rainbow Map 2015: BiH has made 29 percent of equality for LGBT people

Steadfast, committed leadership and visible equality trailblazers are necessary ingredients for advancing LGBTI equality according to the latest Rainbow Europe package, released today (Sunday, 10 May 2015) by ILGA-Europe. Our 2015 Rainbow Map, Annual Review and brand new Rainbow Europe web module all showcase the power that committed leadership to LGBTI rights can wield. Launched … Continued

Adequate response to bias motivated crimes through education for apprentices

As a part of the project „Fighting Hate Crime in BiH“, financed by Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the OSCE in Vienna and implemented by Sarajevo Open Centre in partnership with OSCE Mission in BiH, education was held for apprentices of prosecutor’s offices and courts on the subject of bias motivated crimes.