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SOC contributed to SDP BiH’s Plan for Youth

BiH Social-Democratic Party has, in September 2017, in the scope of their campaign „We Are Staying Here“, started working on the Plan for Youth – public policy of the SDP Youth Forum, with the aim to, in the period 2018-2022, create conditions that would keep young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the first time that young people of a certain political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina come out with their plan as a part of the Electoral Programme for the Elections 2018, and that contains tangible, necessary and feasible changes needed for young people’s stay and dignified life in BiH.

Public policies for the equality of LGBTI people in BiH

Conference Public policies for the equality of LGBTI people in BiH was held the 23rd of May in the Government of Republika Srpska’s Administrative centre in Banja Luka. The conferece was organized by Sarajevo Open Centre and Gender Centre – Centre for gender equity and equality, with the support of Agency for Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Gender Centre of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.