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One More Success: Every Cantonal Ministry of Internal Affairs Educated their police officers about Hate Crime

During 2016, Sarajevo Open Centre was advocating with every Cantonal Ministry of Internal Affairs in Federation of BiH to include hate crime modules into their permanent and obligatory trainings in 2017. Police officers in every single Ministry of Internal Affairs are obligated to participate in these trainings. When it comes to educating police officers, in last few years Sarajevo Open Centre has worked on the topic of hate crime in many different ways and with high intensity.

OSLOBOĐENJE: Train the Trainer programme for the Police of the Federation of BiH has turned out very productive

After last year’s successful completion of the Train the Trainer programme for the police officers of the Cantonal Ministries of Interior (MoI) and the representatives of the Police Academy of the Federation of BiH, this year every Cantonal MoI has to implement education programmes on hate crime. The mentioned education programmes should be implemented in the scope of their permanent trainings that are mandatory for each and every police officer of each MoI. Sarajevo Open Centre has advocated with every MoI in particular and made constant pressure directed towards introducing the module on hate crime into the programme of mandatory education, in which we have, to our great pleasure, succeeded.

Train the Trainer programme for the Police of the Federation of BiH has turned out very productive

These days we are in contact with all the Cantonal MoI’s, in order to see how things are progressing. The information we have is that some of the MoI’s have already implemented the education on hate crime, some are in the process of implementation at the moment, and the others will implement them by the end of 2017. So, in the regular and mandatory topics for educating the police officers of FBiH each Cantonal MoI has included the module on hate crime.