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Violence Against Women Is a Criminal Offence, Not a Misdemeanour

On September 7, 2022, Nataša Todorović, a candidate in the General Elections from the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton Goražde, released an audio recording to the public according to which Dragan Milović, a fellow citizen, verbally and then physically assaulted her. Mrs. Todorović noticed the attacker while walking down the street and began recording knowing that he was … Continued

Klix.ba: Canton Sarajevo Assembly will seek the representation of women in the governments of at least 40 percent

Today, Sarajevo Open Centre, INFOHOUSE and Foundation CURE have required from Canton Sarajevo Assembly the direct application of the Gender Equality Law, which stipulates that the executive branch has to ensure equal gender representation, and generally greater visibility and presence of women in the governments. Led by the example of colleagues from Zenica, whose actions in the Zenica-Doboj … Continued

Canton Sarajevo Assembly must comply with the Gender Equality Law!

Sarajevo Open Centre, INFOHOUSE and CURE Foundation, tomorrow, on 27 February 2015 at 11.30 am, are organizing the press conference in front of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton where they will try to hand-deliver the request for compliance with the Gender Equality Law when appointing the Ministers, to the Chairman of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, which was also submitted in writing yesterday.

After prompt reaction of NGOs: Zenica-Doboj Canton Assembly requests new proposals for the position of Ministers!

On yesterday’s assembly meeting of the representatives of Zenica-Doboj Canton (February 24, 2015), after prompt reaction of Center for Legal Assistance for Women and Infoteka from Zenica and Sarajevo Open Centre from Sarajevo, it was stated that the proposal for the position of Ministers in the government of this canton, that was submitted by Miralem Galijašević, candidate for prime minister of … Continued