Overview of the Second module of the Equality Academy 2019

After the first module, through which the participants have mastered the gender equality policies, from April 12 to 14 it was held the second module of the fifth generation of the Equality Academy 2019 – a platform for political leadership and the joint action of MPs, leaders of political parties and civil society organizations the organization of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Sarajevo Open Centre.

The theme of the second module was “Feminism for All”, and through lectures, discussions and workshops, the participants had the opportunity to learn and talk about feminism, gender equality and the rights of LGBTI people with experts on these topics. For the first time at this year’s Equality Academy, the participants met with a live library – LGBTI people with whom they talked about their lives as a gay man, lesbian and transgender person in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The five lecturers discussed with the participants about these topics:

  1. What is feminism to us and why is it important to us today? – Jasmina Čaušević, coordinator of the women’s rights program of the Sarajevo Open Centre
    2. Feminist principles in political parties – Emina Abrahamsdotter, an expert on gender equality
    3. Patriarchal Models: Women, Mother, Queen – Sonja Lokar, Gender Equality Expert, Slovenia and Karolina Leaković, SDP Croatia
    4. How can the principles of gender equality be translated into concrete public policies? – Sonja Lokar, Gender Equality Expert, Slovenia and Karolina Leaković, SDP Croatia
    5. In other’s shoes – Karolina Leakovic, SDP Croatia
    6. Human rights of LGBTI people – Gordan Bosanac

The third and final module of the Equality Academy will be held in Neum from May 10 to May 12, 2019, and the theme will be “Women’s Politics”.

The Equality Academy aims to strengthen the capacity of leaders in the field of gender equality and the equality policy of disadvantaged groups in BiH in order to improve the rights of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, the Academy aims to strengthen cooperation between donors of decisions and representatives of civil society organizations in BiH.