Call for participation at the Equality Academy 2019

Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Sarajevo Open Centre

Public call for application to the

Equality Academy 2019

Deadline for application is 20th February

After successful realization of the Equality Academy in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Sarajevo Open Centre are proud to announce a public call for participation on the fifth generation of the Equality Academy – platform for political leadership and space for joint actions of representatives, leaders of political parties and civil society organizations.

Goals of the Equality Academy are:

  • Strengthening the capacities of political leaders in gender equality area and equality policies of underprivileged groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to enhance rights of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Strengthening the cooperation between decision makers and representatives of civil society organizations in BiH.

Equality Academy is intended for:

  • Representatives of Parliaments in cantonal, entity and state level;
  • Members of central party organs of parliamentary parties in B&H;
  • Advisors of political leaders and ministers on cantonal, entity or state level, who are interested in strengthening their individual capacities and working on identification and implementation of concrete solutions that will improve gender equality and position of unprivileged groups in their local community and our society.

Structure of the Equality Academy:

The Equality Academy is consisted of three modules. Each module is consisted of lectures, workshops, discussions and meetings with representatives of civil society organizations. Lecturers are experts in gender equality, have experience in political practice, but they are also members of international organizations and NGO organizations from B&H and region as well as media.

When you apply to the Equality Academy you are obligated to participate in every module.

MODUL Module theme Location/time
1.        Gender equality politics  


15-17. March 2019.


Feminism for all



12-14. April 2019.

3.        Politics to women 10-12. May 2019.


Academy costs

Organizers of the Equality academy will pay for accommodation, food, refreshment and costs of participation at the Academy. Travel expenses should be paid by participants themselves.

How to apply to the Equality Academy?

If you belong to the one of the groups named above and you want to participate at the Equality Academy, please send your application on folowing e-mail adresses: [email protected] and [email protected] no later than 20th of February 2019.

Application (Word or PDF file) should be consisted of:

  1. short biography (up to three pages);
  2. short motivation letter (up to two pages) which contains information how will you use knowledge and acquaintances made on the Academy;
  3. contact phone number;
  4. e-mail address;
  5. information about a party and party organ you are coming from;
  6. are you representative in legislative power, or are you performing the function in the executive power of cantons, entities or state level.

If there is a bigger number of applications the organizers will make an election of participants considering gender, party and regional representation. Selected participants will be informed about it until 28th of February 2019.

Equality Academy is organized by:

Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) is established in 1952 as a political inheritance of first German president, Friedrich Ebert, who was elected in democratic way. Foundation has its offices in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Foundation is pleading for cooperative dialogue between civil society and those who are political responsible. With help of local, regional and national partners, Friedrich Ebert Foundation  is organizing different educational and informative programmes. Through their studies and publication Foundation Friedrich Ebert is analyzing central social and economic-political themes. More informaton about FES you can find on web page

Sarajevo Open Centre (SOC) advocates the full respect of human rights and social inclusion of LGBT people and women. Sarajevo Open Centre is an independent, feminist, non-partisan and non-profit organization that empowers LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans*) people and women through community and movement building. SOC also promotes the human rights of LGBT people and women publically and advocates on national, European and international level for improved legislation and policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. More about SOC you can find on web page

You can download a PDF version of a public call in BCS here.