LGBTI community association: Promotion of the publication Dzuvljarke – lesbian existence of Roma women

How to be a minority within a minority? What does multiple discrimination mean and how does it manifest itself?

The consequences of discrimination are felt if you are a woman, the greater the consequences you will feel if you are a woman who loves women. One feels a special form of discrimination if one is also a Roma woman.

Personal experiences are always the strongest means of transmitting the impression. So this time, the biggest interest was precisely for the personal experience of existence through all of these identities. Our guests have told us that their bare existence is a political act.

Tamara Mitić and Vera Kurtić from Niš have enabled us to inspect the existence of Roma women who like other women. On 18.04.2017., they presented the publication “Džuvljarke” (Roma term for lesbian romance). They spoke of personal and other experiences, of a heteronormative and patriarchal society that is at its core racist, and of the possibilities of existing in that society.

Not discouraged, they have shown us that not only life, but also growth and development are possible, regardless of the multidimensional discrimination that seems to have no end. They have also proved to us that action gives results, that silence means consent and that human dignity is untouchable!

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