LGBT Corner In the Centre for Human Rights Library of The University of Sarajevo

LGBT Corner will offer students of all levels as well as all citizens the newest regional academic literature from the fields of art, media culture, LGBT human rights, queer theory, LGBT studies, and more. Aspen-mays-einstein-rainbow-1

The library and documentation department at the Human Rights Centre has received a rich collection of material as a part of the Project for the Mainstreaming of LGBT Rights in BiH, funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. 
The joint initiative of SOC and the Centre is connected with the formation of a department of studies under the name LGBT Corner in the Centre’s library. This section of the library will allow users to find a wide selection of LGBT culture and rights literature in one place. 
The LGBT Corner in the Human Rights Centre’s library offers a rich selection of books connected to theater, film, literature, human rights, media culture, sociology, anthropology, political philosophy, and medicine from the perspective of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, asexual, and queer issues, as well as their human rights and social theories.