Invitation to participate in the LGBTIQ+ peer support group

We invite LGBTIQ+ people to apply for participation in the peer support group led by our peer advisor Mateo Čovčić.

Peer support groups are regular online gatherings of LGBTIQ+ people that offer emotional and social support to one another. The groups are open, which means that everyone can join regardless of when they sign up. One group may have a maximum of eight members. Meetings are held once a month in a duration of 90 minutes. The contents of group meetings can be predetermined, and they can be reshaped based on the current desires and needs of group members.

When forming peer support groups, special attention will be paid to choosing people of similar age.

If you want to become a member of a peer support group, please fill out the questionnaire available here. The information collected is only accessible to a peer advisor and is used exclusively to form support groups.